How does QuitCarbon make money?

Referral commissions from our contractor partners and government funding

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QuitCarbon's services are completely free for  homeowners. We generate detailed electrification plans tailored for each home, provide expert electrification planning calls, match homeowners with vetted contractors, and advise them on saving money and maximizing their rebates.

In order to provide our service for free, we make money in a variety of ways.

We've won multiple prizes and funding from government organizations such as the US Department of Energy and the City of San Francisco for accelerating electrification and helping them hit their ambitious emissions targets and climate goals. We've also been awarded funding to conduct electrification outreach and engagement in certain regions like the Central Coast.

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You can read more about the US Department of Energy prizes here and here. These competitive prizes are focused on making electrification more affordable and equitable.

Along with a grant, these prizes QuitCarbon has received access to work with researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Labs and NREL to improve our messaging, service, and data quality.

We also get a commission from contractors when we refer business to them. This commission typically comes from their existing Sales and Marketing budgets. We educate and inspire homeowners which makes our contractors' lives easier and their business more efficient, eventually driving down costs for everyone.

When we refer a contractor to a homeowner, we review the bid they provide to ensure the homeowner is getting the right work for a fair price.

In addition to getting a great experience at a fair price, working with our recommended contractors is a great way to keep our services free for others, giving you an opportunity to pay it forward for your neighbors, reducing pollution and multiplying your climate impact.