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At QuitCarbon, we believe it's possible to make clean-energy homes widely accessible and more affordable through collective effort. By collaborating together, we can achieve our climate goals faster and more efficiently.

What's in it for you

Whether you're a nonprofit, a government organization, or a utility, your organization and those it serves can benefit from our resources and expertise. Read on to learn more, or go ahead and contact us now! 

Email Cooper Marcus, QuitCarbon's CEO and Chief Quitter, at




Nonprofit and community organizations

At QuitCarbon, we're privileged to collaborate with numerous local nonprofits and community groups, who serve as the true champions of the communities they represent. Our partnerships focus on making home electrification more accessible, equitable, and widespread.

Let's pool our talents and explore creative ways to spread awareness. We can engage via outreach, events, presentations, sponsorships, and more – and we're always open to new ideas!

Visit our Community page for details on how a partnership can help your organization advance its climate goals.



Government organizations

QuitCarbon is the only ENERGY STAR® partner providing free assistance with clean energy upgrades. We also work with a variety of local and regional governments to help accelerate residential electrification in their districts. Examples of our collaborations include:

  • The San Francisco Department of the Environment is working with QuitCarbon to upgrade 200 homes in disadvantaged communities to heat pump water heaters in 200 days.
  • The City of San Jose is advancing its carbon-neutrality goals by partnering with us to enroll residents in QuitCarbon’s free home electrification service. 
  • The City of Santa Monica believes in proactive electrification. We’re helping its homeowners take action — and take advantage of electrification retrofit incentives.
  • The City of Los Altos Hills: We provide free home upgrade planning services to Los Altos Hills residents.

Visit our Government Agencies page to explore partnership opportunities for your government organization.




Partnering with QuitCarbon can help utilities meet their clean energy goals and regulatory requirements. But it's about more than just checking those boxes. QuitCarbon provides valuable resources and support to help utility customers electrify their homes and improve energy efficiency. That kind of assistance goes a long way toward making your customers happy with the services and programs you provide.

Your organization can also tap into the expertise we've gained from working with 3,000+ homes. Take, for example, our recent collaboration with Central Coast's 3C-REN (Tri-County Regional Energy Network). We ran an outreach campaign across six marketing channels in the Central Coast, targeting homeowners interested in going electric. This effort brought valuable information and metrics to help inform 3C-REN marketing strategy. For details and insights from the campaign, read the article: From Ambition to Action: The 60-Day Home Electrification Campaign

Want to learn how QuitCarbon can help you increase customer satisfaction with home electrification? Contact us today!

Contact our CEO

Contact our CEO

Cooper Marcus, our CEO and Chief Quitter, would love to collaborate with you to extend home electrification in your area.