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Government Partnerships

Government organizations that partner with QuitCarbon can push their environmental goals forward.

Interested in expanding residential electrification locally?

We make the transition to clean-energy homes smoother and more affordable for homeowners. Plus, you can tap into QuitCarbon’s know-how to promote public awareness of environmental initiatives and incentives.

Let's make residential electrification more appealing and accessible to all. Email Cooper Marcus, QuitCarbon's CEO and Chief Quitter, at


United States Department of Energy

Multiple Prizes For Home Electrification
We've won two Phase 1 prizes from the Department of Energy to accelerate home upgrade retrofits. More to come in Phase 2 and beyond!

Pacific Northwest National Labs

Messaging and Outreach
We collaborate with researchers at PNNL who are studying motivations and messaging for home electrification.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Home Energy Usage Modeling
We work with NREL to refine the accuracy of the energy use modeling we provide to help homeowners make educated decisions.
City and County of SF

City of San Francisco

Collaboration on DoE Buildings UP Prize
We're working with the San Francisco Department of the Environment to upgrade 200 homes in disadvantaged communities to heat pump water heaters in 200 days.
Los Altos

City of Los Altos Hills

Home Electrification Assessments
We provide free home upgrade planning services to Los Altos Hills residents.

(CA Central Coast)

Homeowner Outreach for Electrification
We ran an outreach campaign across six marketing channels in the Central Coast and generated hundreds of signups from homeowners interested in going electric.
Santa Monica

City of Santa Monica

Homeowner Outreach for Electrification

The City of Santa Monica believes in proactive electrification. We’re helping its homeowners take action—and take advantage of electrification retrofit incentives.

San Jose

City of San Jose

Sustainable San Jose Outreach Program

The City of San Jose is advancing its carbon-neutrality goals by partnering with us to enroll residents in QuitCarbon’s free home electrification service. 

Energy Star Partner

US Environmental Protection Agency


QuitCarbon has partnered with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program to help homeowners make their homes cleaner and more efficient.

Our Prize-Winning Approach


QuitCarbon has won some big awards from the US Department of Energy for our unique service and results in accelerating home electrification upgrades. Regional government agencies such as 3C-REN also recognize our value via strategic partnerships.


The 60-Day Home Electrification Campaign

3C-REN aims to inspire local homeowners to ditch gas and go electric. To advance their Home Energy Savings programs, they needed to gauge the effectiveness of their outreach methods and identify how to invest their resources better.

With a compressed timeline and modest budget, QuitCarbon created and implemented a highly effective campaign to promote home electrification – and generated valuable insights to inform 3C-REN's future campaigns.

Explore the insights here.

US Department of Energy - OCTOBER 2023

Affordable, Equitable Electrification... made EAS-E

The Equitable and Affordable Solutions to Electrification (EAS-E) prize from the US Department of Energy focuses on innovative solutions that help lower the barriers to affordable home electrification.

QuitCarbon was one of six companies to win the competitive prize for Phase 1, which included a financial grant along with access to collaborate with leading national research labs.

Read more here.

US Department of Energy - October 2023

Buildings Upgrade Prize

The Buildings UP (Buildings Upgrade) Prize from the US Department of Energy supports the transformation of existing U.S. buildings into more energy-efficient and clean energy-ready homes, commercial spaces, and communities.

QuitCarbon won this prize in collaboration with the San Francisco Department of the Environment for our project to upgrade 200 homes in disadvantaged communities with heat pump water heaters in 200 days.

Read more here.


Cooper Marcus, CEO and Chief Quitter

Contact our Friendly CEO 

Cooper Marcus, our CEO and Chief Quitter, would love to collaborate with you to extend home electrification in your area.