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QuitCarbon Teams up with ENERGY STAR®

Together we can bring you even better clean-energy services.

We're thrilled to announce that QuitCarbon has become an ENERGY STAR partner through the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partnership. This partnership became official on April 22, 2024 (yep, Earth Day!) and marks a significant step forward in our mission to help homeowners like you make your homes more comfortable and energy-efficient.

What does this partnership mean for you?

Energy Star Partner

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program comprises six key improvements that work together to make your home more comfortable, lower your energy bills, and cut down on fossil fuel use. These improvements include installing ENERGY STAR certified products like heat pumps, water heaters, smart thermostats, and windows, plus upgrading your home insulation and wiring to be electric-ready.

As our CEO and Chief Quitter, Cooper Marcus, puts it: "ENERGY STAR is a household name – over 90% of American households recognize and trust the brand. We're thrilled to be able to offer our clients that same level of confidence in the appliances they're considering."

Why Choose QuitCarbon and ENERGY STAR?

When you see the ENERGY STAR label, you know it's a symbol of energy efficiency that's backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And now that QuitCarbon is an ENERGY STAR partner, we've got access to a ton of information and resources to help you out.

Here's how our partnership allows us to offer even better support:

  • Guidance on clean energy upgrades: Whether you're trying to choose the right ENERGY STAR certified products or planning a full home energy overhaul, QuitCarbon is here to provide free expert advice at every stage.​
  • Rebates and financial assistance: We'll help you navigate the rebates and incentives out there, including those promoted by ENERGY STAR, to make your energy upgrades more affordable.​​
  • Trusted local contractors: We'll connect you with qualified local contractors who specialize in installing ENERGY STAR certified products, so you can be sure your upgrades are top-notch.​

QuitCarbon provides those concierge services that people really need but can rarely find."

Danielle Hoffer, Program Lead for ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Providers, sums it up nicely: “As people become aware of the excellent rebates and efficient, cost-saving technology available, we anticipate a growing need for guidance that helps homeowners make the most of these clean energy home upgrades. QuitCarbon provides those concierge services that people really need but can rarely find."

Our Promise to Youimportance-210x140-min

Partnering with ENERGY STAR is just one more way we're doubling down on our commitment to help you transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. We're here to walk you through the process of making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient, all while keeping an eye on your budget and maximizing your savings.

If you want to learn more about how an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade with QuitCarbon's help can benefit you, contact us today; we'd love to talk. Let's work together to cut down on fossil fuels and move towards a cleaner energy future!