Success Stories

Kevin O., San Francisco

Kevin's single-family home already had EV charger. He was looking to keep the momentum going and switch more to electric, but wasn't sure where to begin. We figured out together that a heat pump would make the biggest impact on his home, with a big gain in comfort and drastic reduction in carbon emissions. We even put him in touch with another heat pump owner so she could share her experience with Kevin and answer his questions.
"My wife and I are both fairly pragmatic, and QuitCarbon did a very nice job of showing us for each element- here's the cost of gas, here's the cost of heat pump, here are the incentives and rebates, whatever additional costs there were- in the context it made sense."

"One other thing that's been really helpful is when we get quotes back from providers, QuitCarbon looking them over and saying, 'this is in line with what we've seen for prices elsewhere.' Having an independent auditor is a very comforting thing to know."

Amy H., San Francisco

Amy's main motivation to electrify her condo involved her gas stove, but after seeing our electrification plan she wanted to move forward with installing a heat pump, resealing her windows, and even doing a home energy audit. Vetting out 4 contractors on her own would have been a huge pain, so we were happy to set her up with 3 experienced providers we know will do a great job.
"Carbon reduction and health are my 2 motivations. I have health concerns around gas stoves- I have little kids and don't want the toxic fumes. I really enjoyed working with Ted and the team. I feel like they're my partners instead of feeling like a vendor, which is nice."

"The initial "punch list" audit that was prepared by QuitCarbon of: here's what you've already done, and here's what you can do, that was extremely valuable. Equally viable is the connections to the service providers, so I don't have to go on Yelp and vet them myself.”

Carol C., Petaluma

Carol's single-family home was already equipped with solar panels, and she wanted to put this new source of power to work making her home more comfortable. After preparing her home quitting plan she wanted to see bids for new electrical work to support a 240v dryer, induction stove, heat pump, and heat pump water heater. We referred her to a vetted electrical contractor who can get it all done in one go!
"I think for us, the idea was already there, but we just didn't know what the path could look like. I think there's a lot of people like us who are really motivated, but it's like, it seems so overwhelming. What do I do first, and what's going to be involved? And then once it's laid out in that plan, it's like, oh, this is actually way easier than I imagined. "

"And again, it's closer than people think. It's more within our grasp. So that's why were so excited to find you guys, because we're like: this is it! We have a map now! We just get there as soon as we can get there, and in phases, but we know that we're going to get there.”

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  • Joseph Lam shrink
    Joe L, Menlo Park
    "This is a pretty cool thing you're doing. I'm a huge data person. I mean, that's part of my job day to day. It was revealing to see my carbon emissions breakdown and your recommendations."
  • Tara Marathe shrink
    Tara M., San Mateo
    “This has been really helpful! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you and knowing that you can be a source to help navigate."
  • Andy Satchwell shrink
    Andy S., Kensington
    “I really appreciate that how helpful it's been for you to pull everything together. It's hard kind of doing this piecemeal, so it's good to see it holistically.”
  • Alan Bradley shrink
    Alan B., San Francisco
    "I love having that outside perspective, to say, 'okay, here's a long-term plan over the next five years to electrify your home and reduce your climate impact."

Start electrifying today.

Get your free home electrification plan by booking a consultation.