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About QuitCarbon

QuitCarbon is a software and data platform helping to transition millions of US homes to clean, electric energy. We provide homeowners with a personalized “Electrification Plan” – a roadmap guiding them through the world of heat pumps, induction cooking, EV charging, solar panels, batteries, and more. Our network of trusted local contractors makes sure electrification upgrade work gets done right.


Easy ways to help

If you believe in our mission and are as passionate about clean energy as we are, there’s a few ways to get involved!


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Become an advocate

We’re always looking for champions of home electrification to share the incredible health, climate, and financial benefits of clean energy. This could look like:

  • Joining QuitCarbon at an in-person event, sharing your love of electrification with participants!
  • Becoming a reference for neighbors considering electrification
  • Having your electrification story highlighted on
  • Joining our press contact list so reporters can hear about your electrification story

If you want to support by becoming an advocate, fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you shortly!


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Get an Electrification Sign 🪧

Share how much you care and encourage your community to electrify with a free yard or window sign from QuitCarbon!


Introduce QuitCarbon to your community 🤝

Do you know folks in community groups, neighborhood associations, faith-based groups, local non-profits, clubs, associations, etc? Please send them to QuitCarbon's community page so that we can share the joy of electrification with them!