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How QuitCarbon Helps

Electric homes powered by clean energy don't just help to reduce your carbon pollution. Planned correctly, they can make your home safer and more comfortable, and even save you money at the same time.

The problem is that if you do it yourself, it takes a lot of time and research to get your head around all the options:

  • Which appliances are right for me?
  • How much will these projects cost?
  • Do I need to upgrade my electric panel?
  • Which contractors really know what they're doing?
  • What federal and local incentives do I qualify for?

Our friendly, expert team holds your hand throughout the entire process, from planning to finding contractors to maximizing your cost savings. And we do it all for free!

How QuitCarbon Works



Every home is unique, and replacing major appliances can get complicated.

Not to worry, QuitCarbon has your back! Just spend a few minutes telling us about your home and how you live in it.



We'll whip up a free, personalized home upgrade plan that's just right for you.

See your cost and carbon savings for each project, review your rebates, and chat with a friendly, expert Clean Energy Coach.



Skip the time and guesswork of finding the right contractor.

When you are ready to start a project, our team will introduce you to a local contractor who offers top-notch service!

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Tell us about your home and priorities

  • Confirm some details about your home

  • Securely share your utility usage data
  • Add information about your home's major appliances
  • Talk to our friendly expert planners

First, we learn about you. Just answer a few questions online and then take some pictures with your phone.

Then, we simplify. You'll meet with a QuitCarbon coach to ask and answer questions about your home and electrification.



Get a personalized plan for your home

  • Understand your home's current performance and impact

  • Get cost range estimates for each project
  • See your utility bill and carbon savings
  • Maximize your rebates and incentives

Using what we learned, we'll create your free, personalized home upgrade plan.

This easy-to-read but thorough document sums up the key appliance and home changes you can make to cut pollution and maximize comfort, efficiency, rebates, and savings.

The stuff that seemed overwhelming before will now be clear, easy, and tailored just for you.



Save time and money when you make the switch!

  • Request contractor referrals to start each project

  • Get introduced to vetted local contractors
  • QuitCarbon benchmarks each bid to confirm the price is fair and the scope is correct

We'll introduce you a trusted contractor in our network for a bid to get your climate-friendly appliances installed. We'll help you understand the bid and dig into questions that you have.

We'll also periodically update your plan, notifying you of special opportunities like new sales and rebates, and we'll always be available to answer your questions.


Upgrades that make your home safer and better

Learn why you should consider upgrading to a clean energy home with QuitCarbon.
Why Should I Electrify?

Amy H.

Amy's main motivation to electrify her condo involved her gas stove, but after seeing our electrification plan she wanted to move forward with installing a heat pump, resealing her windows, and even doing a home energy audit. Vetting out four contractors on her own would have been a huge pain, so we were happy to set her up with three experienced providers we know will do a great job.

Carbon reduction and health are my two motivations. I have health concerns around gas stoves; I have little kids and don't want the toxic fumes. I really enjoyed working with Ted and the team. I feel like they're my partners instead of a vendor, which is nice.

The initial "punch list" audit that was prepared by QuitCarbon of: here's what you've already done, and here's what you can do, that was extremely valuable. Equally viable are the connections to the service providers, so I don't have to go on Yelp and vet them myself.
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