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Collaboration with Nonprofits & Community Groups

Let's make the switch to a clean energy future together.

Together we can help everyone make their homes more comfortable and sustainable while responding to the climate crisis.

Nonprofits and community groups are trusted voices for the people they serve. QuitCarbon is honored to partner with dozens of local organizations to make home electrification more affordable, equitable, and widespread.

We collaborate with nonprofits through outreach, events, presentations, and sponsorships - and we're always open to creative ideas!


Who is QuitCarbon?

QuitCarbon is a San Francisco-based social enterprise founded in 2022 to help everyone make their homes safer, more comfortable, and more climate-friendly.

QuitCarbon is the first – and only –  ENERGY STAR® partner providing free assistance with clean energy upgrades. Learn about our ENERGY STAR partnership.


What does QuitCarbon do?

QuitCarbon provides free expert guidance on heat pumps, mini splits, water heaters, induction cooking, EV chargers, solar, batteries, and more.

We help homeowners plan their clean energy upgrades, maximize their rebates & savings, and get connected with the best local contractors - all at no cost.

How to partner with QuitCarbon

QuitCarbon has many different types of partnerships with
nonprofits, community groups, local governments, and more.

Why should you partner with QuitCarbon?

QuitCarbon is a free service that makes it simple for people to take climate action, starting with their own homes.

Our clients love our free service, as evidenced by our high NPS score of 67 (see benchmarks for NPS scores across numerous industries). 

We’ve presented a 20-min info session on home electrification to more than 30 nonprofit and community groups, to consistently glowing reviews!

Educate more folks about how and why they should electrify
  • Electrifying is typically the single most impactful thing anyone can do to respond to the climate crisis.
  • Home electrification can be surprisingly affordable! Rebates, incentives, tax credits, and lower utility bills mean that it is often cheaper to switch to electric appliances than to stick with gas!
  • Electrified homes are healthier, more comfortable, more valuable, and more resilient to a changing climate.
  • Electrification work is great for local contractors. Those local small businesses bring the benefits of electrifying back to the community through increased local employment.

Help more people make the switch to clean energy homes!

QuitCarbon's free service makes home electrification easier, more successful, and cheaper for everyone.

It's a virtuous cycle: As more people have good experiences electrifying, they spread the word to their friends, elected leaders, contractors, and equipment manufacturers.

Enable your organization to provide more assistance

QuitCarbon’s digital platform is available for your group to utilize in various ways.

Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your decarbonization, energy justice, and climate goals!

Raise money for your organization

When you partner with QuitCarbon to spread the word about home electrification, you may choose to earn donations for your nonprofit from QuitCarbon.

Please contact us to discuss this uniquely mission-aligned fundraising opportunity. 

"Let's put a quote here from one of our happy community partners!"

A photo of Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora
Meghan Furtado | Information Technology Services

Better for your home. 
Better for your planet.

Your home's gas appliances pollute the air indoors and outdoors with CO2, methane, NOX, benzene, and more.

A recent study showed that kids are 42% more likely to develop asthma in homes with gas appliances.

By choosing clean electric appliances, you'll make your home safer while cutting down your climate impact.

Plus, these modern appliances are simply better:

Induction stove? More fun to cook with!
Heat pump? Perfect home temp, year-round!
Heat pump water heater? Free AC in the garage!

The QuitCarbon difference


We've won prizes from the US Department of Energy to make home electrification more affordable and equitable. Learn about our government awards & partnerships.


In just a few years, QuitCarbon has provided free, expert guidance to 3,000+ homeowners across California, with many more coming soon! Learn about our happy clients.


We've been asked to join the Implementation Working Group for the (USA's first!) proposed rule to ban the sale of gas furnaces & water heaters in the SF Bay Area.

Next Steps

First Things First: Try Out QuitCarbon

  1. If you're in California, please try out QuitCarbon’s free service. You'll receive a cost-saving, no-obligation Home Electrification Plan from QuitCarbon – and a great introduction to what we do.
  2. The more homes we analyze, the more we can improve our data, systems, and processes. This, in turn, enables us to better help everyone who follows in your footsteps.

Mention QuitCarbon in Your Email Newsletter

Here's suggested copy for an email newsletter. QuitCarbon is happy to draft content of a specific length, for your specific audience, and provide images. Email us to request.

Your home's gas stove, furnace, and water heater are harming the climate and your health. But getting your home off of gas can be a big hassle and expense if you do it on your own.

Enter QuitCarbon. This free service makes it simple to upgrade your home to clean, modern heat pumps, mini splits, water heaters, induction cooking, EV chargers, solar, batteries, and more.

QuitCarbon saves you time and money with expert guidance on projects, pricing, and rebates. When you're ready to get started, they connect you with vetted local contractors to get the job done right. Visit to start making your home safer and more comfortable today!

You’ll find more suggested language here.

Mention QuitCarbon on Your Website

Many groups offer resources and links on their websites to help their members and audience take action.

Please add QuitCarbon (and let us know when you do so)!

  1. You’ll find our logo, description, and more here.
  2. If you need something different, please email 

Invite QuitCarbon to Present to Your Group

The QuitCarbon team loves to teach folks about the multiple benefits of electrifying homes – while dispelling myths and providing an easy path forward.

  1. Visit this page to learn more about our community presentations.
  2. Request (on that page) that QuitCarbon present to your group.
  3. If you have specific topics you’d like covered, or have an audience with specific expertise or knowledge, let us know so that we can make the session great!
    • We typically offer one of two presentations. One is for a general audience and covers the basics of home decarbonization. The other is for climate activists, and is oriented towards teaching climate “experts” why home electrification is powerful climate action. Additional presentation topics are available; please inquire.
    • You can see all of QuitCarbon's presentations, plus those collected from others, in our shared Google Drive folder.

Share QuitCarbon at In-Person Events

  • If you are hosting or joining in-person events, please notify - we’d love to consider joining you! We’ll bring our fun tabletop display, teach folks about home electrification, and help them make progress decarbonizing.
  • If we can’t join you, please display QuitCarbon’s flyer, and encourage your visitors to sign up for QuitCarbon so they can get our prize-winning free service that helps them electrify affordably.

Follow QuitCarbon on Social Media (and We’ll Follow You!)

  1. Visit this page to find QuitCarbon’s social media accounts.
  2. Follow QuitCarbon from the various social media accounts your organization has. You are also encouraged to follow us!

Mention QuitCarbon in Social Media Posts

There is no time to waste. The climate crisis, and the home energy affordability crisis, demand prompt action – so let’s get right on it!

  1. Post to your socials about QuitCarbon and link to
  2. You’ll find some inspiring language here. Or draft your own! (ChatGPT can help 😉)
  3. Also, be sure to review our summary of Motivations and Messaging that will help you promote home electrification.

Become an Advocate

  • Have you already electrified some or all of your home? Please join QuitCarbon’s list of advocates, so that we can potentially introduce you to journalists, mention your positive experiences to others considering electrifying, etc.


Bring Clean Energy to Every Home, with QuitCarbon!

Our collaboration can take many different forms.

Let’s discuss fundraising, developing digital tools, providing a program for your volunteers to run, and even potentially employing you to help us electrify everyone!

Please contact to explore, and join QuitCarbon’s newsletter.