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Make the switch at lower cost (with even less hassle)

For a homeowner who finds it challenging to update your most carbon-emitting appliances, we provide a plan of action that is specific to you. We not only take into account your key home and infrastructure needs—we're your expert advisors on the latest and greatest systems and equipment that also take full advantage of current discounts and subsidies.

QuitCarbon™ is here to help - at zero extra cost to You

Understand your options

Make the switch to clean energy without breaking the bank, with a personalized roadmap tailored to your home.

Partner with contractors

Our responsive, trusted contractors understand electrification—and we review the bids to make sure yours is fair.

Save Money and Time

We find the rebates and financial incentives that you qualify for, process the paperwork and pass you the savings.

QuitCarbon untangles a complex process

It all starts with a plan based on the information you provide us about your unique situation, and our free analysis.

3 steps to success

Creating an executable plan with estimates is as easy as 1-2-3:

Provide your details
To get started, we need to learn a little bit about your home, your appliances, and your family.
We create your Quittin' Plan
Your personalized report includes the roadmap for now or the future, and a contractor pre-qualified to complete the work.
Review and start to take action
Time for the execution phase—exciting! And we remain with you every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

Satisfied homeowners are saying nice things.

Matt Zinn headshot

I wanted to electrify my home but it was confusing and I couldn’t find great contractors. QuitCarbon's personalized plan helped me get organized, and the complicated rebates became clear.

Matt, San Francisco
Josh Snyder headshot

Wow, this is genuinely awesome. I'm 100% sold on the value y'all provide. Will you help out with all my buildings? This is homeowner advocacy and I love it already.

Josh, San Anselmo

Why electrify?

Cost savings

Contemporary electric appliances and heating systems are more energy efficient than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, offering lower energy bills.

Environmental Benefits

At its core, quitting carbon means eliminating devices that produce greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your family's carbon footprint, and contributing to a cleaner environment.


Eliminating sources of dangerous fumes or harmful pollutants improves indoor air quality and reduces the risk of fire.


Electric appliances and heating systems are easy to use and require less maintenance than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts.


Clean power systems can be powered by a variety of sources, including renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines, which can increase energy independence and resilience.


Systems based on electricity often have longer lifespans than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, which can save money on replacement costs over time.

Our Expert Team

The few (you too?), the proud, the Quitters.

Adam Klaus headshot
Adam Klaus

Head of Operations

Brody Paulo

Quitting Planner

Amelia Tupou

Quitting Planner

Headshot chat head
Cooper Marcus

CEO & Chief Quitter

Bao Phan headshot
Bao Phan

Community Manager

Ted Tilles

Quitting Planner

Ben Stein headshot
Ben Stein

Chief Product Officer

For Contractors

QuitCarbon makes home energy renovation efficient for you, too. With each client that is referred, we provide:

  • A qualified lead with a high intent to purchase
  • Up-front legwork surveying current inventory
  • Elimination of unnecessary, expensive truck rolls

Contact us to learn more!