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How to find your main electrical service

Typically, you'll find your home's main amperage inside the main electric panel, on a breaker switch labeled "MAIN" or "Service Disconnect," attached or very close to your electric meter. On the breaker itself will be a number between 60 and 200.

Your main electric service is the number of amps that comes from the street, usually a wire from a pole or buried underground and connected to your home. This number is what our free whole-home electrification plans are designed around, to ensure our recommendations align with the electric service to your home, so you're not surprised with an electric service upgrade down the line!

Your main electric panel is the metal box with breaker switches, usually attached or very close to your electric meter. If you flip open the panel (usually they'll open from the bottom, upward or on the side), there is usually a large circuit breaker, typically close to the top with a number such as 100, 125, or 200 labeled or engraved on the switch itself. 

Please note to only open the panel if it is not locked. Please do not unscrew anything and don’t clip any sealed wire closures. Absolutely do not touch any wires, shiny metal bars, or any of the “guts” of the panel.

See some photo examples below:


A main panel that opens skyward

This main panel opens to the right, and the main breaker at the bottom shows that this home has 200 amps of main electric service.

The main switch - this home has 100 amps of main electric service!