Why do I need a whole-home electrification plan?

Even if you know where you want to start, planning for the full electrification of your home will ensure you set yourself up for success.

Our homes and their systems for heating and cooling, water heat, cooking, and other functions are complicated and interrelated. You may be excited about getting started with one electrification project -- which is great -- but it usually makes sense to take a step back and think through where you will end up when your home is fully electrified. Having a plan means you can make smart decisions early on that set you on the optimal path.

For example, if you have 100-amp main electrical service, you may be fine installing a 30-amp water heater now, but you could find yourself faced with a costly electrical service upgrade when you want to get a heat pump. In this instance, you may opt for a plug-in 120-volt heat pump water heater to conserve amperage for future projects.

That's where QuitCarbon comes in. Our service allows you to enter information about your home, appliances, energy usage, and priorities and generate a free electrification plan. The plan will highlight the best opportunities for you to electrify affordably and in line with your priorities and goals!