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Residential Electrification Assistance Programs

Decarbonizing existing homes is a vitally-important part of avoiding the worst of the climate crisis. It is also rather challenging! Luckily for all of us, groups like QuitCarbon exist around the world to help homeowners replace their polluting gas appliances with clean, efficient electric alternatives like heat pumps and induction stoves.

The list below is an endless work-in-progress - your contributions are welcome! If you discover a program that is not listed, please request its addition via @CooperMarcus, or email 

QuitCarbon is (currently!) helping folks that:

  • Live in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Own a single family home, or own a condo or TIC in building with 2-4 units

If you live elsewhere, please reach out to the programs listed above that are closest to your area - they may be helpful, or they can point you to other programs.