The easiest way to leave fossil fuels behind.

Upgrading your home to clean energy is overwhelming.

QuitCarbon makes it simple with
free expert guidance, rebates, and vetted contractors.

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Quitting fossil fuels is easy as 1, 2, 3.


We won a prize from the Department of Energy!

The Equitable and Affordable Solutions to Electrification (EAS-E) Prize supports our mission to deliver affordable electrification through a grant and collaboration with DOE national laboratories.

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How QuitCarbon helps

If you go it alone, upgrading to clean energy is overwhelming, which leads many people to overpay or even need to redo work. That’s where we come in.

We’re not just experts on home setup, appliances, and infrastructure, we also help you take advantage of current rebates and incentives.

Upgrading your home without a plan is like driving without a GPS.

Upgrading to clean energy is what we do. With QuitCarbon, you'll have a tailored plan based on your home’s specific needs.

Finding trusted contractors stinks. We make it simple.

Say goodbye to no-shows, fake Yelp reviews, and confusing bids. Instead, tap into our vetted, private network of the best net-zero contractors in the country.

Don’t wait for your unhealthy gas appliances to fail.

We’ll find you high-performing, durable electric appliances, which keep your family healthy and save you money at the same time.

Billions of dollars of rebates are out there. They're hard to find, but not for us.

Let us show you how to bring down your upfront cost and max out your long-term energy savings.

Ditch fossil today.

No catch, no hidden fees. Just the information you need to electrify your home the right away.

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QuitCarbon Success Stories

Kevin O., San Francisco
Kevin's single-family home already had EV charger. He was looking to keep the momentum going and switch more to electric, but wasn't sure where to begin. We figured out together that a heat pump would make the biggest improvement for his home. We even put him in touch with another heat pump owner so she could share her experience with Kevin and answer his questions.
"My wife and I are both fairly pragmatic, and QuitCarbon did a very nice job of showing us for each element- here's the cost of gas, here's the cost of heat pump, here are the incentives and rebates, whatever additional costs there were- in the context it made sense."

"One other thing that's been really helpful is when we get quotes back from providers, QuitCarbon looking them over and saying, 'this is in line with what we've seen for prices elsewhere.' Having an independent auditor is a very comforting thing to know."

Who We Are

Upgrade Planner
Amelia Tupou
"The clean energy transition is the defining challenge of this century. I'm excited to bring people, knowledge, and opportunity together. And I want homeowners to have safer, cleaner, more economical homes."
Upgrade Planner
Ted Tilles
"The best investments I have made are in electrifying my home, for the benefit of my family and slowing climate change. I spend my dollars in alignment with my values in many parts of life - why not apply that to my home too? And that's where I started this journey."
Upgrade Planner
Brody Paulo
"I love working with homeowners, but I also really enjoy supporting contractors, who are a huge part of the clean energy transition. When they see how they can grow their profits and help the community at the same time, that's the best part. It's the wave of the future!"
Chief Quitter
Cooper Marcus
"Gas appliances don't last forever- water heaters leak, stoves get old, furnaces break down. The smart move for homeowners is to upgrade to electric now and take advantage of all these incentives, instead of waiting until something breaks and there's a puddle of water on your floor!"
Chief Product Officer
Ben Stein
“The new electric appliances are amazing. Just like we’ve already seen with electric cars and battery power tools – quieter, more powerful, less pollution, less smelly, no going to gas stations. Better in every way. And our homes are all on the verge of this too!”
Head of Operations
Adam Klaus
"QuitCarbon is about better, healthier communities. Upgrading our homes not only draws down global carbon emissions, it reduces local air pollution -- gas home appliances produce more smog emissions than cars! The new energy system is local, and we're building it together."
Software Engineer
Sam Harrison
"Data is critical to building accurate plans for homeowners to electrify their homes, but there's so much of it in many different places. I'm excited to help bring it all together, so we can create a healthier environment!"
Community Manager
Bao Phan
"Friends don’t let friends burn gas! Over 25% of US homes are already electrified - the other 75% of us should all be getting those benefits too. Why not join your friends and neighbors?"

Why ditch fossil fuels?

Quitting carbon means eliminating devices that produce greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your family's carbon footprint, and investing in a cleaner community.

For Contractors

QuitCarbon makes home energy renovation efficient for you, too. We bring you:
✔️ Motivated, informed homeowners with a high intent to purchase
✔️ Up-front legwork surveying current inventory
✔️ Elimination of unnecessary, expensive truck rolls