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This Family Quit Fossil Fuel in Four Months!

Evan G. wanted to stop using fossil fuel in his San Jose home. His gas appliances were expensive to run and polluted the air with CO2 and methane. Evan wanted clean, safe alternatives for his family, but didn’t know how to get started.

QuitCarbon made it simple for Evan to fully electrify his home in just four months! First, we assessed Evan’s home energy needs and gave him a free Electrification Plan which included eligible rebates. Then we connected him with vetted local contractors who could get the work done at a fair price.

Widespread electrification needs to happen for the United States to meet its climate targets. The built environment generates 40% of annual CO2 emissions, according to the IEA. Replacing fossil fuel-powered appliances with electric alternatives is a necessary step to reduce carbon pollution and combat climate change.

Millions of homeowners and businesses across America are facing similar issues as Evan when it comes to electrification. It's complicated and time-consuming to understand all the options:

  • Which appliances are right for me?
  • Does my home have the electrical infrastructure to support these new appliances?
  • Which rebates am I eligible for?
  • Which contractors know what they're doing? 

QuitCarbon gives you a straightforward answer to all of these questions. Click here to get expert advice for your home!

Electrify Me ➜

How QuitCarbon Helped Evan

Evan found QuitCarbon online and quickly answered some questions about his home. QuitCarbon created a detailed and comprehensive plan that showed Evan how to electrify his home. Taking into account Evan’s existing electrical panel and his request to convert his garage into a sewing studio, QuitCarbon delivered a plan that would ditch gas completely. His dryer and stove were already electric.

The first goal was installing rooftop solar panels to sustainably power his home. Next, Evan needed a new heat pump HVAC system and heat pump water heater (HPWH). Heat pumps are the best technology for electrification because they are the most efficient source of household heating. Heat pumps are similar to an air conditioner that also works in reverse to heat your home during colder weather. They are 3-5 times more efficient than fossil-fuel-burning furnaces and water heaters.  

QuitCarbon analyzed and reported Evan’s upfront costs and rebates, then gave clear recommendations for Evan to take action. From there, Evan connected with local contractors by leveraging QuitCarbon’s close ties to the small businesses in the community. QuitCarbon saved Evan from time wasted on sourcing contractors and finding the right rebates.  

Solar panels

We connected Evan to a vetted local solar panel installer. Evan accepted a local solar contractor’s bid and was able to secure Net Metering Program 2.0 (NEM2) bid before the April deadline, meaning he was able to take advantage of selling power back to the grid at a better price. The contractor completed the installation in Summer 2023

Heat pump water heater

QuitCarbon discussed the benefits of a SanCO2 High-Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater with Evan. We referred Evan to a vetted plumbing contractor, which sent a bid to install the heat pump water heater. After Evan accepted, the work was completed on schedule. The contractor was able to relocate the tank to the opposite side of the garage and run the electrical to an outdoor unit, per Evan’s request. 

Heat pump HVAC

QuitCarbon recommended a dual-zone heat pump and a mini-split system for Evan’s home. Through QuitCarbon’s Electrification Plan, Evan maximized his rebates and saw the long-term savings for his home. He accepted a bid from a local HVAC contractor, who successfully installed the HVAC system on time. 


QuitCarbon helped Evan fully electrify his home within four months. Evan was quickly connected to reliable contractors in the area who could finish the work on schedule. In addition to helping the environment, Evan is now saving hundreds of dollars every month on his utility bills and also benefiting from better indoor air quality. 

Here is what Evan had to say: 

"My family and I are super happy with the completion of the heat pump job by a QuitCarbon-referred contractor. We will get questions from friends in the future about who to turn to for a new HVAC installation, and we will recommend QuitCarbon without hesitation. Please give my thanks to the office person at this contractor, who was lovely on the phone taking care of inspections, and of course the awesome installation crew. They were incredibly nice and professional…Just a really good team you have between QuitCarbon and your recommended contractors.” — Evan G., San Jose

Through our service, QuitCarbon has helped complete over 120 electrification projects. Visit our website and get started ditching fossil fuel.