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Six Things to Know About Heat Pump Water Heaters

Your water heater consumes a large amount of energy. If you want to keep an uninterrupted hot water supply (who doesn't?), you need to replace your current water heater before it stops functioning. Is your gas or electric water heater reaching 8-10 years old? It's time to consider upgrading to an energy-efficient heat pump water heater.

Need to learn more? We put together six key facts about heat pump water heaters you should know.

  1. They use heat from the surrounding environment — Heat pump water heaters extract heat from the surrounding environment to warm water up to 130°F. In case of excessive demand, an electric resistance coil can serve as a backup.
  2. Heat pump water heaters have a cooling effect — Heat pump water heaters release cool and dry air into the surrounding area. Ducting can also be employed to expel the air outside. It is recommended to install the unit in a basement, garage, or utility room where the cool air won't be noticeable.
  3. They use electricity — Modern heat pump water heaters use 240V circuits and between 20-30 kWh/day. If you currently have a gas water heater, you may need a new circuit installed by an electrician during the installation process. Some heat pump water heaters are WiFi-enabled so they can be turned off and on as needed.
  4. They fit best in basements or garages — Heat pump water heaters generally require 700 cubic feet of space. Garages, utility rooms, and basements make ideal locations for heat pump water heaters. However, with the use of ducting or other airflow strategies, they can be installed in smaller areas.
  5. They produce noise comparable to a dishwasher — Heat pump water heaters do generate some noise (about 50 decibels). While not excessively loud, considering that water heaters traditionally operate silently, this is something to take into account when choosing a location.
  6. They are slightly larger than standard water heaters — Due to the size of the machinery, heat pump waters are slightly larger than standard electric or gas water heaters. They also require an extra 6 inches of top clearance to access the air filter.
    Want to get started on installing a heat pump water heater? Get in touch with QuitCarbon and access a free "Electrification Plan" that will guide you through the process of electrifying and greening your home. We can put you in touch with a network of trusted contractors who can install a new heat pump water heater.